Launch of Take a Weight Off Your Mind in Westport

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Sean Staunton did the official launch and a big crowd of friends and wellwishers, colleagues and students from NCCI turned out in the Yard Bar at Matt Molloy’s in Westport on a beautiful Saturday evening to celebrate the launch of Fiona Hoban’s first book (as everyone kept saying), Take a Weight off Your Mind. It was a lovely venue, as you can see from Barbara Anne Murray’s photographs, and prettily decorated with Take a Weight off Your Mind balloons. Fiona’s speech was a tour de force, as we have now come to expect from her, complete with gold stars and sheets of coloured paper as exhibits. To find out more go to Fiona’s blog on this site: click here

Fiona waits her turn. Her sister Maria (in green) is in the forefront.

Sean Staunton does the honours at the Launch of Take a Weight Off Your Mind, watched by publisher Jo O'Donoghue

Fiona signs a copy of Take a Weight Off Your Mind for an admirer

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