The Fear Factor

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The Fear Factor

Author: Terry Prone

Publication Date: November 2011

ISBN: 978-1-907535-23-9

Category: Business/Health

Type: Paperback

Price: €14.99

Terry Prone meets frightened people every day in the course of her work as a communications consultant – lots of them. Some of them are even afraid of her. But much more common are those who fear flying, spiders, boredom, water, heights – and most of all, public speaking. Fear is a good and useful emotion – within reason. But when it stops being reasonable and starts being a phobia or stops you making a speech at your daughter’s wedding or entering a house with a pet canary you might wonder just what caused it in the first place. The Fear Factor is full of historical titbits, fascinating nuggets of research and true life stories of people whose worst fears were realised or who, more mundanely, overcame their fears by behavioural therapy. If boredom is your great fear, here is the antidote, if one handy volume.

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