Heart Lines

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Heart Lines

Author: Suzanne Power

Publication Date: November 2011

ISBN: 978-1-907535-22-2

Category: Health/Mind, Body, Spirit/Memoir

Type: Paperback

Price: €12.99

‘Fail better,’ Samuel Beckett advised, and Suzanne Power’s failures have amounted to a thirty five year career in print. She first got paid for writing when she was eight years old. Her writings have appeared in many national publications in Britain and Ireland over the past quarter century. She grew up on paper and shared her experiences of life, loves and places between with readers over those decades.
Heart Lines follows her through broken and blazing love affairs, through depression, illness, motherhood, countries and conversations with many well known figures. Her honesty has kept her following her heart which forced her to move seventy times from the age of seventeen and to set foot on every continent.
There’ll be other moves, but the truth of her heart line remains the same: ‘Destiny is not a foolish device to keep us hopeful. It is a migraine if it’s ignored. I just wish it would help me pay the price for the chains refused. The bill keeps getting bigger.’
‘Life is about decisions and nothing else. Decisions create the storyboard of our life.’
Follow her heart line through her key events, hear her insistent honesty on everything from holding her newborns to wishing for her own death: ‘The lies were too hard to live when I told them. Love is the author of your heart line.’

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