Baa Baa Pink Sheep: A Devil’s Dictionary for Modern Ireland

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Baa Baa Pink Sheep

Author: Terry Prone

Publication Date: October 2015

ISBN: 978-1-907535-78-9

Category: Humour

Type: Paperback/ebook

Price: €14.99/ebook: €9.99

In his Devil’s Dictionary, published as a book in 1906, the American writer and satirist Ambrose Bierce defined, among many other terms, abominable as ‘the quality of another’s opinions’, an egotist as ‘a person of low taste, more interested in himself
than in me’ and twice as ‘once too often’.

Terry Prone, herself a gifted word-spinner and keen observer of the ways of the world, politics, business and the media, has taken a leaf out of Bierce’s book and created a Devil’s Dictionary for today in which she lampoons the more ridiculous aspects of politicial correctness (the pink sheep) and the self-serving that has turned apology into ‘a lost art’.

Bail-out is ‘one of the few terms that has gone from being a positive to a negative in a decade’; belittling is ‘how inadequates convince themselves they’re adequate’; fiction is ‘lies told for money’; a Renaissance man is ‘a guy with at least two skills’; and vibrant is ‘how dying political parties always describe themselves’.

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