Melting Pot: An Irish Odyssey

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Melting Pot: An Irish Odyssey

Author: Tom Curtin

Publication Date: July 2017

ISBN: 978-1-907535-81-9

Category: Fiction

Type: Hardback/ebook

Price: €14.99 (hardback); €9.99 (ebook)

1969. New York. The last summer of love. They flee the Island of Saints and Scholars, three students on summer working visas from the backwater that is the west of Ireland. For Moloney, O’Reilly and Gallagher, who have chafed at the restrictions of life in the small university city of Galway, America is the promised land, free from the tyranny of Catholic morality and the anxious interference of parents. They come to New York in search of work, sex, a good time and – for Moloney – a long-lost aunt.

Their summer in the American melting pot, a culture shock beyond all their imaginings, a time of undreamed-of freedoms and exhilaration but with its share of disappointment and heartbreak – and finally true love – will change them for ever.

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