Urban Legends Heard in Ireland

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Urban Legends

Author: Hugh O’Donoghue

Publication Date: October 2010

ISBN: 978-1-907535-12-3


Type: Paperback

Price: €8.99

Illustrated by Jane Kelly

Did you know? – that some people kill and eat swans? – that pharmaceutical companies spread lice in schools to boost sales of lice treatment? – that the Titanic sank because the Protestant shipbuilders at Harland and Wolff blasphemed by stamping plates used for the hull with anti-Catholic logos? – that hand-dryers  recirculate contaminated air? – that Bruce Springsteen bought an obliging fellow-diner a meal on his last trip to Dublin? – that a Garda has to supply his hat to a pregnant women if she urgently needs to urinate. Urban legends have been described as a form of arms-length gossip, things that happened to a friend of a friend of your aunt’s sister-in-law. They are current in pubs, at parties and late-night gatherings But are they true? What is certain is that many people, if not everyone believes them
Urban Legends Heard in Ireland is a collection of these stories that Irish people just can’t seem to get enough of. They continue in the age-old Irish tradition of good old fashioned story telling, with a little bit of spice and – whisper it – a certain lack of political correctness at times.

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